Investment pieces that will spice up your spring wardrobe (plus: a Jord watch giveaway!)

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When I was younger, I would save up my extra lunch money and dump it all on poor quality shoes, bags and jewellery; all of these items would find themselves tatterred within a few months (or turn into copper, in the case of the jewellery). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to appreciate the value in investment pieces and treating yourself to items that are timeless and actually last. With spring here and a lot of us looking to revamp our wardrobes given the warmer weather, I thought I would share a few of the pieces I think are worth splashing a little bit of extra cash on in order for them to go a further way. At the end of this blog I have a giveaway where you can win $100 towards your own Jord watcheveryone that enters gets $25 off a Jord watch – it’s a win win!

Although this post has a focus on mens’ fashion (because sometimes share the blogger love!) – the points are of course general and can apply to everyone!

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How I got fired from my first job (and what you can learn from it)

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I remember just before I turned sixteen, my parents called me downstairs to let me know that my national insurance card/number had arrived, and with the official notice now from the government that I could go out and start working, I decided it was time to start earning the Ps. That summer, I threw together a CV and started dropping it into every job application I could find – from Next, to New Look, to Superdrug, to Boots – I let them all know that I had officially arrived. I figured – how hard could it be? I had gotten my GCSE results, achieved almost entirely A*s across the board (and my CV listed out every subject and every grade at the time). What else could they want from a 16 year-old, other than that?

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