How to spot a toxic person in your life

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I spend so much time every day thinking about what new things I want to do on my blog, and how I’m going to make it better. Not too long ago I introduced a self-development feature to my blog, my obsession with trying to be the ‘best version’ of myself is something that really grew in 2015, and something that I wanted to share. However, it was a bit restrictive… there’s so much stuff I want to talk about every day and so many more personal posts I want to publish here, that didn’t always fall under the heading of ‘self development’, so I’ve decided to transform that section into a general advice section, and I’m really excited to start writing down the many thoughts I have on numerous situations, that are only ever heard by people ready to listen to me blubber…

African Print

Feb 2 2016 at 9:33 pm   ·   5 Comments

The Mayor of London held the first ever ‘Africa on the Square’ event in Trafalgar Square a couple months back, and although I got to the event late (meaning I missed out on one of the only things I was there for… the food), I still managed to pick up this African print crop top from a Jekkah stall with a little bit of encouragement from my flatmate and my boyfriend.

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Throughout The Years: Skylish

Jan 30 2016 at 6:11 pm   ·   3 Comments

My boyfriend asked me the other day if it was possible to see how my blog looked when he first met me, so we can both see how much it has improved, after a little bit of searching I found the Way Back Machine website. This post is almost like the ‘looking back at my old videos’ trend on YouTube, but for bloggers, I genuinely enjoyed writing this post and reminiscing about the past, and I really encourage everybody to try it out…

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