Your Weekend and Your Side Hustle: How to Make the Most out of Your Time

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I wrote a post not too long ago all about how I balance a full-time job with blogging and other projects – it’s something I get asked a lot so I thought it could be useful to some to provide a little update on how I tightrope along this line. Working full time and trying to balance a ton of other things on the side is definitely not an easy task – you may think you’re superwoman (I’ve definitely thought I am in the past), but after a long day at work and a big dinner that throws you into a food coma, you easily find that you need to be a bit smarter with your time to really reap the most of of your “extra-curricular” activities. The weekends really become two days to truly cherish – finally you have time to tick off the growing to-do list that you’ve told yourself to get to all week before you fall asleep at 9pm. Being likely pretty tired and pretty fed up from a long week, it’s easy to spend your weekend doing a whole lot of nothing – chilling tf out to put it in more simple terms. Sometimes, that’s needed. I went into this current weekend with high hopes, and now its 20:24 on a Sunday and all I really have to show for my weekend is a half drafted guest post and a yet-to-be-edited pre-planned Instagram post for DAME. Maybe a few e-mails too. It happens. But here are some ways to make at least the majority of weekends as productive as possible.

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Confessions of a Serial Pushover (How & Why I Changed…)

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I’m not a very superstitious person and I don’t “believe” in much – juju, conspiracy theories, you can really miss me with all of that. I wouldn’t say I even quite “believe” in horoscopes – I can’t remember the last time I checked a girly website for a prediction of my month ahead. But, I must say, my horoscope – Pisces – describes me near perfectly. A Pisces is quite compassionate, gentle, and let’s be honest – soft. We’re good with our own company and we really cannot stand big headed people. That’s me all over – I’m in my own world and in my own head most of the time, seeing people cry makes me cry, and sometimes time alone is one of my favourite times ever. I’m a big softy.

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