How to make moving out during uni as smooth a process as possible

You guys know I love practical tips – I don’t really beat around the bush, I get to the (honest) point of different situations and give you all the advice I have to hopefully position you as best as possible, of course always speaking from experience. Moving out during university is not easy, landlords love to exploit students, and a lot of friendships get blown to smithereens. I’ve lived it, I’ve learned from it. So below I’m getting really real – and letting you know how you can make moving out during uni as smooth a process as possible…

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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

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There definitely is a happy medium between having too much and too little to do at work. Sometimes in the office I have so much work to do and so many requests coming in that I literally feel like I’m having heart palpitations. Around Christmas, there was so little to do in the office that the hours literally dragged on and on. One day, I got so fed up of having nothing to do that I decided to utilise the fact I work next to a shopping centre, and took a trip to MAC in the Wharf.

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