2014 bedroom decor trends

As we enter into the colder months, we’re all looking at updating our wardrobes to keep us warm over the holiday season. One area that we often overlook however is our home décor. If you want to give your bedroom a new lease of life, why not try out a few of these little treats for autumn 2014?



Scottish inspired décor

With all the talk of independence recently, it’s no wonder that Scotland is now on the map for a multitude of reasons. Tartan may have been making a comeback in the fashion stakes, but it’s also the go-to pattern for home decoration this season. Consider bed sheets, pillow cases or even curtains to give your bedroom a bit of character – it’s surprisingly romantic and will keep you and your partner snug on the cool winter evenings.

Go indigo

On the completely opposite side of the scale, if you fancy a different colour trend from reds and greens, indigo is also set to be making a huge comeback this season. It can seem a tad dramatic of a colour, so if you don’t want to completely decorate your room from floor to ceiling in blue, perhaps consider something more subtle like a bed frame, which can really help to bring the room together while injecting a bit of colour.

Floral prints

This is a theme that never seems to go out of fashion, but if you’ve previously been too shy to give floral a go, now is the time to try adding a hint of nature to your bedroom. You can go all out and have floral bedsheets if you want to brighten up your room during the dark season, or perhaps just introduce the theme slowly with lampshades or pillow cases. Either way, what was once considered ‘old lady’ is now effortlessly chic, so be a little bold this season.

Heavy metal

Some time ago the idea of mixing silver and gold seemed unthinkable, but it’s 2014 and yesterday’s trends are out of the window. Now is the time to embrace the metallic trend, and in particular, design experts are mixing golds and silvers. Think rich coppery shades, warm gold and cool silver – it will make your bedroom appear classy and glamorous. One word of warning however – this is not an invitation to deck your bed out entirely in silver! Subtle touches, such as wall hangings, make for an overall classier effect.

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ohh i’m loving the trend! floral prints has always been in but a little too scared to have it as a bed sheet cover etc



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