2015 Interior Design Trends

*This is a collaborative post with Abigail Baker

Keeping on top of interior design trends can be tricky. Without a team of stylists and an endless budget to keep changing your home every season to match the trends it can seem daunting and overwhelming with so many decisions to make. Instead, it can be much simpler and relatively stress free to keep an eye on the trends and implement one or two small changes gradually in line with your personal tastes. Here are some things to look out for in 2015…

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St. Pancras International

It has really been a while. With exams coming up I’ve been so busy buried in my books, that any breaks I do have are spent power napping rather than blogging. But today I completed the final page of the 5 million pages of Econ readings we had been set, and thought I would reward myself by chilling for a bit and writing up a blog…

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