A night out this winter, some inspiration…

*In collaboration with Jillian Ferguson

There’s nothing worse than opening up your wardrobe whilst getting ready for a night out before that sinking feeling sets in as you realise that you have nothing suitable to wear. Everything you own has either been worn to death or is simply out of style or not wearable in this season. As the winter months come, they bring plenty of events from office parties to family gatherings and it’s important that you are prepared! Whatever you have planned this winter, hopefully these outfit ideas will provide ample inspiration for your wardrobe related blues…

Oct 29 2015 at 9:35 pm   ·   Collaboration Post, Lifestyle


Fur Collars

So… this has been quite an exciting week. First of all, I finally got myself a faux fur collar coat. In the summer I pictured what I called my perfect, ‘bossy’, winter coat. This was a black coat, with just the right amount of black fur on the collar. Here I was thinking I would walk into Zara and pick this up come September, but it’s actually taken me weeks to finally find something that resembled that I pictured, that wasn’t sold out. It was also my mum’s birthday weekend, we took her to go and see In The Heights on Saturday (maybe even more amazing than when I saw it in NYC a few years ago…) and then on Sunday took her for lunch in The Shard. I was happy to make her happy.

Oct 26 2015 at 11:26 am   ·   Chatty, OOTD, OOTE, Style