#MidweekMotivation – The Law of Attraction

Did you know, if you think you’re pregnant, even when you’re not, your body starts to show pregnancy symptoms? It’s a similar reason for why during pre-drinks, when you probably really aren’t that drunk, you start to believe you’re drunker than you are. The mind really is insanely powerful. A few years ago, I went through a period where I was really fascinated in watching all of Derren Brown’s specials. Recently, I introduced some of these specials to my boyfriend. One of our favourites was called “The Heist” – Derren Brown managed, through mind control, to induce three professionals into believing it was acceptable to rob someone of £10,000, through various techniques such as the belief of that they were powerful and attaching this to actions and music; it really got me thinking about The Law of Attraction – which is as simple as “if you believe you can, you will.”

Nov 26 2015 at 9:45 pm   ·   Lifestyle, Midweek Motivation


Money Saving Tips For Your Fashion Accessories

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When it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories, they can take up the major portion of our budget.
So, when it comes to shopping for your accessories, you really need some clever ideas to save yourself from overspending…

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