All of The Lights

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Christmas was the best day of the year when I was a child, and it’s still the best day of the year now. Sure, I don’t run downstairs at 6am to open up my presents anymore (from my parents, this was usually the latest doll, not sure what kids these days are getting), but nothing beats getting the spend the day with your whole family, especially as everyone’s schedules makes this hard to do during the year. We are now quickly approaching 2016 – I have a few posts lined up, and will be posting every other day into the new year!

Dec 26 2015 at 12:49 pm   ·   OOTE, OOTN, Style


Christmas Party Makeup with the Naked Basics Palette

There’s a lot of work I should be doing right now, but I started taking photos for a makeup tutorial post this morning, and literally, since then – I haven’t been able to stop working on it. This is something a little different that I’ve wanted to try doing for a while, it’s just way more time consuming than your regular review post or outfit post, so I knew I’d have to set some good time aside to get it done. This look is nothing to extravagant, it’s perfect for a family party and only requires one palette for eye shadow…

Dec 20 2015 at 5:38 pm   ·   Beauty, Make Up