10 university takeaways

This time three years ago, I had one thing on my mind – and that was turning up at freshers week. That’s all I cared about. Now, three years later, as I write this, I’m chilling in my boyfriend’s room watching Braxton Family Values as he and his friends take turns on Fifa – and mannn, what a three years it has been! Definitely three of the most eventful and amazing years of my life that I simply will never forget. A full on university experience post (or video) is on its way, but feeling nostalgic, I wanted to tell you guys 10 things I am taking away with me post university…

Jul 17 2016 at 8:36 pm   ·   Chatty, Lifestyle


Summer Style with JD Williams

It’s been a while! I came back from an amazing trip to Malta yesterday (come back with a cold, what are the odds), and headed straight off to my university’s graduation ball in the evening. This graduating thing… it’s all becoming very real now. I really want to share my university experience and will be doing that soon, I’m just not sure yet if I will put it in written or video form! I intended to plan and pre-write a lot of posts whilst I was away, but for a few reasons, I was unable to. So, although I’m upset that my summer off hopping around in other countries is almost done, I’m excited to get my head stuck back into Skylish again…

Jul 12 2016 at 6:44 pm   ·   Collaboration Post, OOTD, Style