A male’s opinion: paying on first dates, female friends and more…

With the recent rise in popularity of BKChat (which I am addicted to, like everyone else), I thought it would be a good idea to get a few of my guy friends involved in my blog to share a some opinions on topics a lot of us girls have questions about. For example, do guys really need to pay on first dates? (My answer to this used to be a resounding “yes”, but I’ve definitely come around over the years and realised it’s not really that big of a deal). And also – can guys and girls really be ‘just friends?’…

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Open for Business

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Two outfit posts in one week? I am on a roll. Getting a photographer was definitely one of my better decisions for a number of reasons – for one, you have a stack of outfit photos to use for weeks and weeks, and also, the photos are such a great quality, better than anything me or my friends could create. I strongly believe in the idea of ‘investing into yourself’, because long term, it’ll all pay off. Since I’ve started posting up higher quality photos, I’ve already noted more growth on my blog and across some social media platforms. Whilst we’re on the topic of creativity – I’d like to introduce you all to GENEE. Genee is a creative content company that brings creatives in their respective fields together to create groundbreaking and innovative content for brands. The platform will be launching in 2017, and ofcourse, through getting talented people under one roof, the content that can be created will truly be on another level. If you’re a creative, and you want to get involved and work with big brands, join the family by clicking the link above!

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