Freshers Advice | What You Need To Know For Your First Year at Uni

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If you’re a regular reader here, then you’ll know that I love to share any bits and pieces of advice I can give based on the experiences I’ve had. Recently, I’ve been reminiscing about life as a fresher (for those outside the UK who may not be familiar with the term, a fresher is just someone in their first year of university). The general view is that freshers are pretty crazy – they club, they party, they don’t study and they take no responsibility for their actions. If there was a spectrum of the different types of freshers you get from sensible to absolutely insane – I would place my fresher self firmly in the middle. I was concerned about my career and my exams, however I was also very concerned about partying and living up to some of my fresher expectations. I am a completely different person now than I was in my first year of university, and thought I would share some tips in hindsight for anyone who may have university around the corner, or just anyone who wants to reminisce with me! These are a few of my top fresher tips (with personal antidotes in there also)…

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Smart Casual

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Spring is here, the days are lighter for longer, summer is around the corner – and that means better days are ahead. Plus, Monday’s done and I feel like that is always the biggest battle of the week. January and February were tough for me work-wise (so busy, so many late nights, so many heart palpitations…), but the calendar ahead is definitely picking up. For one, I’m off to Budapest with my old flatmate next week for 5 days, and I also just booked tickets for my boyfriend and I to spend a weekend in Amsterdam for his birthday in May. Going to Amsterdam is something we’ve said we’re going to do for over a year now – and what better excuse than a birthday to finally do it? Finally, the calendar ahead is full to the brim with a bunch of Bank Holidays ahead. For you guys – I still have my Jord watch giveaway live until April 16th (click here to find out more), and we can’t forget the Bloggers’ Toolkit which will be released during April. More information regarding that is to come – but continue to register your interest in the mean time for exclusives!

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