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My hair has gone through multiple changes over the years. When I was very young my mum would have me out and about with the standard young-black-girl mickey mouse hair puffs (the same hairstyle I’ll one day give to my daughters!) When I got a little bit older my mum would then braid my hair herself every two weeks – can we not all remember the pain when growing up of your mum doing your hair? (for me – that brush through the afro brought so much painnnn). I starting getting my hair professionally done when I was around 8-10 years old; the first time I visited the hairdressers’ was for my First Holy Communion and as per, I got braids done.

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How to Tackle Blogging Events When You’re Going Alone

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I will forever remember the first blogging event I was invited to. It was in my first year of uni and I was going through a stage where – sure, I had a blog, but I would update very sporadically (i.e. next to never). As I often spent my time during uni, I was napping, and when I woke up from my nap, I had an e-mail in my inbox inviting me to an AX Paris blogger party, and I literally couldn’t have been more excited or more gassed. Before even checking my uni schedule or my plans, I immediately RSVPed, then started planning out my outfit. I turned up to the event in Proud Cabaret alone, but immediately struck up a conversation with the girl ahead of me in the queue as we waited to get in. I filled myself up with tons of fruity cocktails that night, and stumbled out slightly tipsy but also having met some amazing people. From then on, I’ve had the pleasure to attend loads more blogger events – and more often than not, I turn up to these events alone, and figure the rest out. But as we all know, turning up to events alone can often be quite nerve wracking. So, how do you navigate a blogging event, when you’re navigating alone?

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