From Ambitious to a Coaster | How to Stay Motivated Every Step of the Way

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I wouldn’t exactly say I was the most ambitious person when I was a child. I kind of coasted through my younger years, doing well due to my parents who ensured it. I got into a grammar school but that took a ton of discipline from my parents, and even throughout the first two years of secondary school I barely knew what it meant to ‘revise’. I’ve always been creative, and I would make websites, videos and stories at home since I was literally 5 years old. But ‘drive’? That arrived in my teen years. And I actually remember it – in year 9, aged 14, for my end of year exams, I thought to myself ‘why don’t I just… I dunno… try hard this year?‘. I would study every day from 9am until 8pm (with breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner), then every day at 8pm I would watch a film on Sky Movies – and I did this on repeat over the Easter break. That year I did the best in my exams than I had ever done up until that date, I even went on to be given an award from my school for my results/effort that year…

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Quiz Clothing #LostinSummer Store Launch

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Last week, I was invited down to Quiz Clothing’s #LostinSummer party held for the re-launch of Westfield, Stratford store. I headed out of work at 7:00pm on the dot, made a quick detour home to get dressed in my new jumpsuit (c/o the lovely Quiz team), and had hopped in an uber down to the event by 7:30pm…

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