5 Red Flags to Watch Out For in a New Relationship

Have you ever looked back on an old flame and just thought “jeez, what was I thinking?”

The other day, I was hanging out with two friends and one of them started telling us all about her psycho ex – it took me right back to this point above and made me think – “if only we had known what we know now…” Whilst I don’t believe in regrets (everything’s a learning lesson), and whilst I’m in no means the most experienced dater, there are often times I see people going down the wrong road in their relationships and I just want to shake them and tell them to take the red flags seriously. It’s so easy when you’re involved with someone to ignore all the signs before you, and suddenly when things end terribly you wish you hadn’t taken things so easy. Using my own experience and the experience of my friends, here are a few red flags to watch out for if you want to don’t want to look back back in hindsight asking the same question above. Or, if you’d rather just shop this new outfit, scroll to the end of the post!

Aug 31 2017 at 1:02 am   ·   Advice


5 Things I’ve Learned After 1 Year of Working Full-time in Banking

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Photo shot in Canary Wharf by Marianne Olaleye – my home away from home

What was your dream job when you were younger?

I wanted to be an actress. I would spend hours every day learning scripts in my room, reading up on prospective agents online, and practicing my Oscar speech that I was obviously bound to have to give one day. It was written in the stars. Once a week I would take musical theatre classes, and at least twice a year I’d perform on stage with my parents watching in the audience. As you can probably already tell – things didn’t quite work out as expected. I sort of stepped away from that dream after two terrible years of GCSE Drama; instead, I turned my focus to things I knew I was better at – school and being creative. This led me to attending a world class university, opening my own webdesign shop, and eventually led me to where I am now. Right now – I work full time in investment banking, and part time I blog and create everything you see here. A little bit different to the dreams I initially had.

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