The Valentine’s Day Edit: Sharing Your Relationship – How Much is Too Much?

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The first time I put a photo up on social media of me and Levi was a week into us really having started talking – it was Halloween night, I had invited him out with me and my flatmates, and of course a selfie was obligatory. When I put it up, I figured people would take it as we were just two friends at the same party, but they quickly connected the dots. I didn’t mind too much. This came to mind as obviously – today is Valentine’s Day! And I remember the first Valentine’s Day we spent together, I put snippets on my Snapchat. This was now only about 4 months into our relationship – and looking back, I’m sure a number of people thought I should just chill – after all, we were still in a very new relationship. I mentioned the other day that someone told me that maybe I should consider scaling back a bit in terms of whether or not I want to put my relationship online at all (although, I really don’t think I’m too excessive), and it drew me to wanting to write up this relationship themed post as a little bit of Valentine’s Day edit. The question is… how much is too much?

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Spending for Comfort: When Being Frugal Backfires

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Every now and again I like to share stories here on the blog. I’ve told ya’ll about how I got fired from my first job, my most embarrassing moment, and my biggest “I told you so”. There definitely are a lot more stories under my belt, but one thing about blogging and being so public is that people I know do read this, people can piece things together, and occasionally you have to just keep it a little bit classy and not spill out every last detail… at least until wounds have had some time to heal. That said, this latest story involves only me and my friends, and is an example of how being “cheap” can sometimes get you into trouble.

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