5 Healthy Habits That Have Changed My Life

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In July 2017 I had an epiphany moment – I was tired of being unfit and unhealthy and I wanted to make a long term change. I sort of used the stress of starting full-time work for the first time as an excuse to eat and do whatever I wanted to my body – with “health” completely disappearing from my vocabulary. But now, I wanted to do things differently. I’m on a journey. I’m learning new things every day and I make changes to my lifestyle every few months, but the changes I’ve made so far have me feeling pretty fab. Here are 5 healthy habits that have changed my life…

Mar 11 2018 at 7:09 pm   ·   Fitness, Sponsored Post

International Women’s Day: The Best Lifetime Tips I’ve Had from Inspirational Women in My Life

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Random fact: I used to not consider myself a feminist. I think I was around 17 or so or so when someone in my family asked me if I was one and I said no and turned my nose up at it. I equated it with a bunch of women that were totally over the top and irrational about most things, and I didn’t want to associate myself with that. Then my mum said something that really resonated with me: “if it wasn’t for feminists campaigning – you wouldn’t even be where you are.”

Now this is the same line I give to any woman I meet that doesn’t want to associate themselves with feminism. As you can probably guess – I’ve totally changed my views now, and whole heartedly and proudly consider myself a feminist. I honestly believe that for anyone who believes in the equality of men and women – be they women themselves or not – being a feminist is only logical.

In honour or International Women’s Day, I wanted to share some of the best lifetime tips I’ve recieved in my 20+ years of life from inspiration women.

Mar 8 2018 at 5:48 pm   ·   Advice