Blogging Behind the Scenes: The Stuff You Don’t See

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Blogging is not quite as simple as it may look from the outside looking in. I guess looking objectively, it might seem as easy as – i) come up with an idea for a blog post, ii) type it up, iii) hit publish and hey presto. Perhaps iv) the occasional Instagram upload with an unrelated caption. Maybe. That said, there are, without a doubt, a few behind-the-scenes nuggets required for everything to slot together before that “publish” button can even be hit.

Here are a few of the things you don’t see…

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5 Things I Do to Feel My Best

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In my mid to late teens I used to dedicate a few hours every Sunday to “me time”. I’d have a complete pamper evening, organise my thoughts and set some goals for the week ahead. I would even keep a password protected word file on my computer which sort of served as a diary for me to write down everything on my mind. When I started university, “me time” turned into “sleep time” and generally I’d spend my time sleeping, studying, or partying, there wasn’t much of an inbetween… Then I started working in 2016 and “me time” became “what time?!” Spending most of my time sat at a desk and trying to balance that with a social life and a blog/social media, I started to feel like I really had no time for myself. Fast forward to 2017, I decided I wanted to start taking care of myself, and I kicked that off with a dive into my health & fitness journey – along the way, I’ve picked up a couple of other habits that make me feel pretty fab.

Here are five things I do to feel my best…

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