What I Did to Gain Confidence in Myself

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I wrote a post in 2017 all about my own personal battle with confidence. Having “confidence” was something that plagued my life since I was very young, and it wasn’t until my very early 20s (well, I’m only 23 now), that I really started to come into myself in this area, and it stopped holding me back so much. I mentioned in the post that the main thing that helped me eventually gain confidence was time, but there was a lot more to it than that, and today I wanted to go into more depth about how I crawled out of my whole of shyness and self-doubt to get to where I am now! Granted, there’s always more to learn, but in just a few years I can tell you that I’ve totally changed into a different person.

May 30 2018 at 8:32 pm   ·   Chatty, Lifestyle


Updated Day in the Life (everything from work, to food, to workouts…)

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In November last year I wrote my first “life in a day” post (which are my absolute favourites to read/watch). Things have changed a little bit since then – my diet has changed (less sugar, less red meat, tons more water, fish and “lean meats”), my home workout has become a gym workout, work has gotten a little bit busier (November was more of a Christmas wind-down period) and I’ve become more consistent with my blogging which means I’ve started dedicating more time to my online ventures. Follow the jump to have a nose around my updated daily routine…

May 20 2018 at 11:09 am   ·   Lifestyle