Santorini & Mykonos Travel Diaries

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I’ve traveled a reasonable amount this year and it’s mostly been quite last minute / down to chance. I started the year in the mountains in the Val Thorens ski resort in France, detoured down to Sweden for a quick work trip, then found myself in Vienna as Levi was doing a speech there. In March, I headed to Madrid for a birthday trip and then when May rolled around, I found myself in Turin, Italy for a last minute family event. However – whilst most of my trips have been spontaneous, my trip to Greece most definitely wasn’t. I’ve wanted to go to Mykonos for a while now (as the Kardashians went there), but Levi has wanted to go to Santorini (since Rick Ross did a song about it) – so we met in the middle and decided we would Greek Island hop this summer. Ladies & gentlemen – the annual summer “baecation”.

Jul 25 2018 at 5:30 pm   ·   Travel

Reflecting on 1 Year of My Health & Fitness Journey

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I started training for full time work around August 2016. In September 2016, I officially hit to desk. September to December were pretty easy months, I was really just getting eased into the whole “working” and “being part of a team” thing. When 2017 hit, the trial period seemed well and truly over. There was more to do, and more expected of me. To deal with the increased stress, I turned to food. Late night in the office? Well obviously, I have to award myself the next morning with a fry up. Busy day? Chicken and chips for lunch it is. My unhealthy relationship with food didn’t just stop in the office though: armed with the premise of really not actually caring about much anymore – I’d eat chicken katsu curry for breakfast on the weekend, a plate of BBQ ribs or pork belly for dinner on most days, and snack on slices of Tesco’s Finest chocolate cakes during the week. Struggling to get some order in my life, gym or working out became nearly non-existent. I’d go once every few weeks, smash out a quick cardio workout, end with 10 minutes of abs, and call it a day. I had the view in my mind that “I just wanted a flat stomach” (which I didn’t have anyways), and to be honest, I really didn’t care about much else (“health”? Pfft. It didn’t even cross my mind).

Jul 18 2018 at 7:40 pm   ·   Fitness