5 Mistakes I Made When I First Started My Health & Fitness Journey

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Somebody asked me the other day – how did you go from zero to 100? You never used to work out much at all – how do you manage to do it 5x a week now? There were a few things that came to mind – the first being that it really wasn’t zero to 100. Actually, I started the first 6 months of my health & fitness journey with home workouts. I would put my quilt on the floor each morning before work and do a bodyweight workout for maybe 15-20 minutes. The first thing I did, which showed I was dedicated to progressing, was purchase a yoga mat. Next came 2x6kg dumbbells (which was extremely heavy at the time – I had to get Levi to lug them for me from the concierge to my flat), and finally I picked up a £5 set of resistance bands.

Going to the gym, and getting to the stage I’m at now (with oh so much left to learn) was a very slow and steady process of learning and getting over the fears we all face when starting something brand new. I was only able to stick to it because I just started doing what I enjoy – 45 minute cardio sessions were never really my thing and perhaps that’s what made me feel physically sick getting ready for one. Working with weights, and implementing cardio via HIIT techniques, well… that’s more of my thing. Along the way, there definitely were some mistakes I’ve made. If you’re kick starting your health & fitness journey this year (“new year, new me” and all), here are a few things to learn from mine…

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These Are The Rules I Live By…

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We all have views that totally anchor our beliefs and how we choose to live our lives. That are somehow ingrained in us and hard for us to allow someone to argue against. For many that is religion – the kind of thing where nobody can tell you nuthin’ that could possibly shift your thinking. For some – it’s their diet. Perhaps you think consuming any sort of animal product is wrong, maybe it’s just pork or beef you think really ain’t it. Whatever it is, your beliefs that support this are some sort of pillars within you. These are more serious examples of course – it can also be quite trivial and very simple; for example, I met a woman the other day that told me she has never, and will never, split a bill with a man. As such… this blog post wrote itself up in my mind one day as I walked to work. What are the philosophies I live by?

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