A Week in the Life – Here’s What I Actually Do

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“The life” – what an interesting way to describe what certainly isn’t a particularly interesting or impressive life. But – here we go. I was inspired to do this post by Maria; I thought it could be interesting to break down what a typical week in my life looks like given I get asked these two questions constantly: (1) what do you actually do? And (2) how do you manage to blog whilst working full time?

Here’s a quick, quick breakdown. I work full time in Investment Banking currently in the lovely microcosm that is Canary Wharf. I also of course run Skylish and some other hustles on the side! And finally, to supplement it all, I’m somewhat of a gym junkie- so that also needs to squeeze it’s way into my schedule. Let’s go.

Feb 11 2019 at 8:46 am   ·   Lifestyle


I Gave Up Meat & Fish in January and This is What Happened…

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One December day I was having a “what I eat in a day” YouTube binge. I started to realise that a lot of my favourite fitness YouTubers were cutting either meat, fish, or all animal products out of their diets.

I’ve been sort of looking at the rise in vegetarianism or more so veganism out of the side of my eye for a year or so – I’ve been finding out a bit more about the ethics, the environmental and health arguments regarding both (mainly veganism) and opening my eyes up to the world of agriculture that most of us detach from our thoughts when eating our meals (unless you’re genuinely not aware of the standards which many people aren’t). Whilst I have yet to watch any of the major documentaries, I decided on that December day that January would be a better time than ever to try out a vegetarian diet. It’s sort of like Veganuary, but for beginners.

Feb 4 2019 at 8:39 am   ·   Lifestyle