Things We Need to Stop Doing – London Edition

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There are certain skills you pick up as a Londoner and one is absolute and complete efficiency (and sometimes fearlessness) when it comes to your out-and-about-in-public day. Knowing what the best moments are to cross the road such that you don’t have to necessarily stand and wait for the green man (although I’m not usually this fearless and I’m definitely not encouraging this); having your oyster/card/apple pay ready such that you can so seamlessly slip through the gates without causing any commotion or queuing behind you); finding your way effortlessly around London, wherever it is in London (except for Bank); feeling the absolute need to get everywhere as quickly as possible wherever you’re going (what’s a “peaceful walk”?)… and doing so with a number of sighs, eyerolls, and general impatience. I wanted to start a little (jokey – pls, it’s never that deep) series where I talk about things that I just feel deep down inside we need to stop doing. Be it in the gym, at work, at school or even out and about in our daily lives. Today, I take on what we need to stop doing in London…

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A Throwback to my 18th Birthday

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Hello hellooo. Hope you’ve all been well! You will see that I missed my usual Monday morning post but that was actually because I was away in Toulouse, France for a few days for some pre-birthday/birthday festivities, it was a lot of fun. I’m not so big on doing huge birthday celebrations as I find it all a lot of pressure to organise, especially trying to match up everybody’s schedules (and sometimes dealing with flakes), so unless it’s a significant birthday, I tend to either have a small dinner or (for the past few years) just go abroad! Last year, I went to Madrid for a weekend. Up to now, my “big” birthdays have been 16, 18 and 21. For my 16th I took all my closest friends (via the bank of mum and dad) to go and see Thriller Live in the West End. For my 18th and my 21st I threw parties. My 21st was alreet – but I thought it’d be fun today to throw back to my 18th and how it ended up being somewhat of a very fun disaster…

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