Things we need to stop doing: Gym edition

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I started off today by scribbling down a bit of a deeper post. It was all about self-reflection and growth and stuff that was meant to make you seriously think about this current “chapter of life”. Although I love that stuff (I’ll probably post that up at a later date, and when I do my blog revamp it’ll have its own dedicated category), I also wanted to keep things quite light today. You know life is all about balance. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Instead, if you remember correctly/are a regular reader here – you’ll know that a few months ago I started up a Things We Need to Stop Doing series – I called it a (never that deep) series about things that essentially confuse me or grind my gears or both. Being a true Londoner, I kicked it off with a few tips on London etiquette. Today, after over a year of sighing and rolling my eyes at many situations in the gym, I thought I would write up a gym edition.

Calling all gym goersdo you do any of these things?

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What I’ve Been Reading Lately II

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Happy Monday guys & girls. It feels good to be getting back into the swing of things over here. Every since I realigned my “short term goals” in my mini update post, I’ve been feeling a lot more motivated and way more organised.

Many of you will know, this year I’ve set myself the challenge of reading one book a month. Now, if you’re an avid reader, this probably looks like a little bit of a flimsy challenge. But for me, I really stopped “reading” properly once I started university. I was probably reading 2-3 books a year at max. This was mostly because I swore by page turning and I didn’t want to have to switch to for e.g. Audible, but now I’ve finally succumb. I love Audible as I’ve accepted that I honestly find it impossible to find the time to read unless I’m doing something else which is quite light at the same time (hence, audio books).

So – putting an end to all my rambling – here’s what I’ve been reading lately…

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