Doing What You Really Want To

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When I was around 9-10 years old, my cousin from the states asked me if I wanted my own website. She’d discovered this platform called Freewebs where you could get your own domain name (albeit with “freewebs” attached to the end), and website with free templates. That officially started this little “online journey” I’ve had. Since then, I’ve always had my own website in some sort of form (and with a colourful selection of names such as Milkshake Swirls, Fulfilled and Dollie Kizz – to name a few!)

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The ___ Friend

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When I was in Year 12 (16/17yo) I had a bit of a disappointment. I had psyched myself up to apply for Head Girl at my school and despite my efforts I hadn’t gotten it. I hadn’t gotten anything on my school’s “committee” (aside from a Prefect which everyone gets if you just put your name down). In fact, I didn’t even manage to advance past “participation stage” (to reach this stage, all you have to do is sign up for the role).

I’m not gonna lie, it really shook me. It shook me because my best friend had ended up as Head Girl, my other best friend as a House Captain, and I was so extremely embarrassed to have applied and gotten nothing – who did I think I was, going up for that? It sort of made me sit back and reassess a whole lot – I tied it down to my personality as being the biggest contributor. I was quiet, maybe not very approachable and whilst I thought my speech to get the role was great (tbh – it was ;)) I just didn’t have the “Head Girl package”. I felt seriously overlooked and decided to slowly work on building myself up – once and for all.

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