The Naked Basics Palette

One evening before a night out I went to a friends room, saw her using the Naked palette and naturally ooh’d and aah’d allll over it. I told her that I hadn’t quite taken the leap yet to go out and splurge on a Naked palette and had actually instead bought the MUA dupe, but she assured me that is was truly worth the money. She’s never gone back to any other palette. A month passes and my birthday rolls by, a group of my friends put their money together to get me a House of Fraser giftcard (too cute – surprised me in our hall’s canteen at 12am on my birthday with a card, present and cake), and in the card I was specifically ordered to go out and get myself a Naked palette. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Summer Essentials

Always feels good to sit down and write awayyyy. Summer arriving means it’s only mandatory for me to get a few Summer posts up. This particular post is being done in collaboration with Avenue 32, an online shop I have posted about in the past, and will be all about my Summer essentials. Unfortunately typical English weather has been pretty crappy, pretty rainy and not exactly hot. However I’m going to keep my faith up and hope that we reach a hot, sunny Summer like we managed to last year. :3

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