MAC Matchmaster Foundation

When I first started wearing make up I owned Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse (along with every other 13 year old girl in the UK); I hid it from my mum, thinking she’d tell me I was too young to be wearing it. Obviously, suddenly smoother and more even skin isn’t really something you can hide from someone you live with, especially not your mum (they seem to know everything). After about a week of doing hiding, I inevitably got caught. But, instead of telling me off, my mum started telling me childhood antidotes instead about when she started wearing makeup… then bought me my first MAC powder. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on MAC, particularly on their face products.

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Knee Highs

There are a few things I need in my life right now. For one, I need a photographer!! It’s always a task to rope out a friend or my boyfriend to take photos for me, and my soul is desperately crying out for a steady, reliable photographer. Two, I need a new camera. I purchased my Fujifilm camera around this time last year, which was a step up from my digital camera, but I think it’s about time now I get a DSLR; the great thing is Christmas is just around the corner for me to make that happen.

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