Life After Uni: 6 Months On…

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Before I graduated – I made me scared af to think about what life would be like after university. For example, I’d wake up for a 10am lecture and decide I was actually too tired to go, skip it and start my day and 2pm, then a sinking feeling would come over me knowing that as a bare minimum, in a few more months I’d have to start my day by 9am (I couldn’t even make it to 9am lectures…) Other than exams, there was absolutely nothing I wanted to give up about my uni life. I literally saw starting working as the beginning of the end – yep, it’s that deep. So, it’s been around 6 months now… and I wanted to give you guys a little update (especially those who are just as scared as I was about graduating).

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2016 in Words & 2017 Resolutions

2016 was incredible because I have never felt as confident in myself and my abilities as I have this year. For the majority of the year I’ve been sitting on cloud nine, patiently waiting for my next fall that will further push me to grow even more. 2015 was a tough year and I reached a pretty low point in my life due to toxic friendships and a real lack of confidence in myself, along with a real lack of thirst for success, but I truly believe down times are the best times in your life – because nothing pushes you to grow more. A crappy 2015 is what led to 2016 being one of my best years to date. Follow the jump to read my year in review…

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