A Visit to the House of Fraser Headquarters

I am officially a free woman. 😀
I was actually freed from exams on Monday, made a quick three day trip to Manchester to visit a friend, and am now back home (home home) for the weekend for Father’s day, and also to get my hair done tomorrow! It literally feels SO good to be free from exams. I can nap now and not have to set an alarm to wake myself up. I can sleep for as many hours as I please. I can spend hours chilling with a friend and not have revision at the back of my mind. I am so, so happy.

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Throwbacks with New Look

I’m aliveeeeeeee.
It has been so, so long. Basically, exams took over my life. My older brother told me it’d be a tough and stressful period and I thought pssshh, I’ve gone through exam periods many times before. But none of those exam periods compare to the stress of the exam period I just endured. It was a regular occurrence to see people break down and cry over their work or an exam, and 12 hour library days? They became a norm. Heading back from the library at half twelve on a Friday when people were on their way out to enjoy? That happened too.

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