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Hello beaurriful people. I have just come back from an amazing birthday weekend in the city of Madrid. To be honest – it was cold, colder than I would’ve liked, but we still got a little bit of sunshine and even better, I avoided the negative degree weather here in England. I miss it already! This year I’ve been able to travel to 4 countries in 3 months of the year, with two of these trips unplanned, which has been fab (and a blessing) as I always find travelling to be the absolute best way to get a breather from the realities of London. What’s next on my list is to book a holiday to Greece this summer – I’m bouncing back and forth between Mykonos and Santorini and although I may not go until July or so, I am already extremely excited.

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Why I Don’t Miss School: My Honest Secondary School Experience

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There was one time in secondary school that my shoe somehow fell off and one of the boys in my year started trying to kick it away. Bearing in mind the fact that I grew up with two brothers – I responded in a way that felt natural – I pushed the guy away (I would generally push people (back) in my early school days until people started calling me “muscle man Kemi” and I sussed that maybe I should stop and say “ow” like all the other girls). I slipped my shoe back on and kept walking – and whilst I walked, he pushed me into a window. From that point onward, every time he saw me he’d try to push me into the whatever was the nearest object or wall (I was always on alert), and he’d generally just try to get to me (along with many other girls in the school) by calling me childish names. It got so bad that one day a group of us banded together and wrote letters to the teachers explaining why we thought he deserved to be expelled, and although we all chickened out when it came to actually submitting this, the day eventually came where he was expelled and we didn’t see him again.

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