On Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

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There was one time a few years back where it sunk in that I was watching people around me constantly challenge and push themselves to the limit, knowing full well that I always take the easy route in every situation, staying firmly within the confines of my own comfort zone and skirting completely around this truth. I had always prided myself growing up on being a truly ambitious and hard working person focused on constant growth, and the path I was going down I knew would simply never get me to the success I dreamed of. We can all see that success isn’t easy, and if you aren’t willing to grind and often step out of your comfort zone, you’ll block your own path to it…

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Do You Seek Validation?

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Confession time: when I started working full time last year, and so had the disposable income to invest more into my blog, my eyes sort of opened up for the first time to the little luxuries among the blogging world. It seemed that everyone was constantly jet-setting, all donning designer bags, and just generally big balling money makers. Suddenly, the pressure hit me too. I felt like I needed to show the world that I was doing just fine too. And before I knew it, I became hooked on trying to portray my life in the most glamorous, successful and luxurious way possible. I touched on this briefly in my ‘What really matters?‘ post – but wanted to go into a little more detail on the idea of seeking constant acceptance.

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