The Valentine’s Day Edit: Sharing Your Relationship – How Much is Too Much?

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The first time I put a photo up on social media of me and Levi was a week into us really having started talking – it was Halloween night, I had invited him out with me and my flatmates, and of course a selfie was obligatory. When I put it up, I figured people would take it as we were just two friends at the same party, but they quickly connected the dots. I didn’t mind too much. This came to mind as obviously – today is Valentine’s Day! And I remember the first Valentine’s Day we spent together, I put snippets on my Snapchat. This was now only about 4 months into our relationship – and looking back, I’m sure a number of people thought I should just chill – after all, we were still in a very new relationship. I mentioned the other day that someone told me that maybe I should consider scaling back a bit in terms of whether or not I want to put my relationship online at all (although, I really don’t think I’m too excessive), and it drew me to wanting to write up this relationship themed post as a little bit of Valentine’s Day edit. The question is… how much is too much?

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University: Expectations versus Reality

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I spent two years waiting patiently for university. From the day I turned 17 and could see university at sight – it was one of the only things on my mind. There was so much that I couldn’t wait for – more so than anything, I couldn’t wait for the the freedom. Not just in the sense of being free from authority, but feeling free in my surroundings. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, but suddenly I knew I’d be somewhere in central London meeting new people, doing new things, and going to new places everyday. It’s funny, because I feel like I waited for so long, and just like that it was done and over in a flash. This summer, it’ll be two years since I graduated – two years! I’ve done an expectations versus reality post for post-uni life, but thought I would shift it back a few years and do the same for university itself. Let’s just say, it didn’t quite match my expectations…

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