Why I Almost Quit Blogging…

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Hey guys… remember me? I’ve been kind of sort of mentally switched off from my blog for a little while now. Although I have been posting here and there – I’m not sure if it has been as clear on the outside as it has been for me in the inside that my heart totally has not been in it. I had a good streak from around September last year where I was truly consistent – I’d post twice a week, on designated days, preparing all my posts on the weekend before hand, and if I was going to miss a post – I’d let you guys know ahead of time. If I missed one unexpectedly, I’d really feel bad and as if I was impeding my own progress. So… what went wrong?

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5 DOs and DON’Ts of Living with Your Friends

I’ve been living out of my family home now for four years (doesn’t time fly…); whilst I spent my first year in university halls surrounded by a good 100+ other people, in my second year of university it came time to move in with friends. Since then, I’ve lived in three different flats, with a total of four different people. In my first year I lived with three friends from uni, the next year this got chopped in half to just two of us, then this year (my first year working full time), I moved in with a friend I had met on my internship. So, four years in, what have I learned about living with other people?

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