Are There Really Many Pressures When it Comes to Blogging?

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“Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” -Maya Angelou

After you’ve blogged for a while, you’ll likely go down on of two routes: decide it’s not really for you, and move on, or decide to dedicate more time to it. Option two: the longer you blog, the more it will become an integral part of your life, the more you will realise the business aspects of it, and with that, the more pressure it brings. When I first started blogging – I felt no pressure whatsoever. I put no thought into what I posted – I posted whatever the hell I felt like, whenever the hell I felt like. If one day I wanted to post about a new skirt I bought, I did just that: I’d take a grainy photo on my phone, write a few lines and be about my day. In some ways – these were the good ol’ days. Now, I put a lot of thought into most things I write. There are certain blogging opportunities I don’t even accept any more if I don’t feel that they will fit in with the overall direction and general tone of my blog, some of these are opportunities that I would have accepted just over a year ago (I’ll go into more detail about this during Saturday’s Purpose Meets Class Luncheon, where I’ll be speaking in a segment called ‘Show Me the Money’). From the outside looking in, I can see how blogging can probably not seem to be even remotely stressful – you take some photos, get to work with cool brands, and can even earn from it – these days some bloggers are doing this full time, and getting jetted all over the world to promote various brands. So what is everyone referring to when they say it’s stressful?

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5 Things You’ll Need to Adjust to When You Start Working Full-time

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Glasses – Givenchy (similar) · Playsuit – ASOS (similar) · Crop top – Topshop (similar)

When I started working full-time last September, all I had in my mind is that I “wasn’t an intern anymore”, which I thought would mean I could take any mental pressures out of my role; I felt that, essentially, it would be a lot easier than my internship. Little did I know there would be a ton of other different (and unexpected) hurdles waiting for me in the office. I think, for me, adjusting to working full-time in the corporate world wasn’t easy (especially working in such a high-intensity job), but along the way I’ve learned a lot and I actually developed a lot as well, and this is all directly due to my job. With exams soon out of a way – I know many of you will soon be going into your own full-time grad jobs. So, don’t be like me and come with assumptions already made – keep your mind open and if anything, be ready to walk away from the first few months as a different person. To help you out and give you a heads up – I’ve listed the five things I think you’ll need to adjust to when you start working full time.

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