Feeling 22 | Reflecting on the experiences that have made me who I am…

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Does it sound maybe a little bit ridiculous to feel like I’m turning into an old granny because I’m 22 in three days?! Maybe a little… It’s just so crazy thinking about how fast the years are going – I remember turning 18 like it was yesterday, and now I’m headed right on my way to 25. Of course I couldn’t let a birthday pass without doing a chatty birthday post – so… in the words of T Swift – I’m feeling 22 – here are some experiences that have ‘made me’ up to now…

Mar 9 2017 at 10:52 pm   ·   7 Comments   ·   Posted Under Chatty, Lifestyle

Blogging Basics: A Starter Kit

My boyfriend and I were laughing a while ago about what a ‘basic blogger stater kit’ would entail, and it came stocked up with your Instagram boyfriend (to take photos of you when you’re looking fly), a plethora of advice posts (we all do it – I’m doing it now!), and someone behind a DSLR camera that can take photos of you on a sparkly street somewhere in West London that you do not live on, live nowhere close to, but still treck to just for the asthetics anyway. Aside from the jokes, I decided to actually sit down and write up my own little starter kit for anyone looking to get into blogging or anyone brand new to the blogging world. Which includes everything from choosing your platform, to the importance of social media, and more…

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