Why I Blog

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Recently I’ve had a small influx of people I’d lost touch with start following me on Instagram with a few asking a few questions about what I’m up to blogging wise and it sort of made me step back and have an objective look at my blog. If I wasn’t a blogger – I kind of wandered what I’d think of the whole ‘world’ looking in from the outside. For example – why are there 1 million extra extravagant professional photos of me on my instagram? Do I really hire I a photographer just to help me get great shots of my outfits? Is there really any need for me to include a photo of myself in nearly every blog post, does it have even anything to do with the post itself? What is the actual purpose of this industry – is it just full of a bunch of vain folks trying to hide their self centered-ness under the mask of “look, I’m just trying to show off my outfit, okay?”

With all the above in my head, I thought I’d write up a short piece on why I blog, and why I do what I do…


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Back to School Survival Guide | Part 2

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A few ways to make this year better than the last…

Sep 3 2017 at 8:38 pm   ·   9 Comments   ·   Posted Under Advice, Chatty

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