How to turn your internship into a job

It’s been a while! As you know, I’ve had exams, and this week in particular I had three exams in a row – this means I’ve had absolutely no time to post. After 7 hours of exams squeezed into three days this week, I’m taking the day to myself to chill, sleep, and watch YouTube videos. I have four days left until my last exam which shouldn’t be too hard, and then I’m off to Portugal for a week which I couldn’t be more excited for. With exams ending, we are swiftly moving into internship season. Whether you’re going to be working in a PR firm, a bank, a consultancy or any of the other 100 jobs under the sun, there is always a way to transform whatever you’re doing into a full time job…

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Life Lately: Moving Out, New Projects and Travelling

Every now and again I like to write up a ‘life lately’ post where I choose a few of my favourite photos from Instagram over the last few weeks, and use them as sufficient guides to explaining what I’ve been up to both in my personal life and on this blog. I try to post daily on my Instagram (using the word ‘try’ strongly, my life is way too boring sometimes and there’s only so often a girl can do a throwback upload!), so definitely give me a follow here

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