Instagram: Editing, Apps and Thoughts

For a long time, I was reluctant to get an Instagram account solely for my blog. I thought – what’s the big deal? I already have a personal Instagram account, why would I want to start from scratch? This academic year, I decided to take my blog just a little bit more seriously. I’ve put a lot more time and effort into it this year and have definitely seen so much more growth, and experienced more great opportunities because of this. One of the things that came with turning over this new leaf was getting an Instagram account for this blog, only a little bit of research can tell you that Instagram is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools out there right now – it seems only obvious that if you’re trying to build any sort of brand, you’ll jump on board…

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21st Birthday

I was really torn about what I should do for my 21st from the longest time. My mum suggested a meal and theater trip with some friends, but that just wasn’t turn up enough for my big 21st. For the longest time, I planned on doing a Mayfair night for my 21st birthday. But, I feel like Mayfair nights are so hit and miss – not only because I’d probably have had to rely on a promoter to get me and my friends a table, but who knows, I might not even get in in the first place (I’m looking at you DSTRKT). My boyfriend suggested in February that I just host a big party, we brought in a friend I’d met through him (check him out at Fanimo Fitness), and in the space of two weeks, we’d wrapped up a location and a guest list…

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