The Naked Basics Palette

One evening before a night out I went to a friends room, saw her using the Naked palette and naturally ooh’d and aah’d allll over it. I told her that I hadn’t quite taken the leap yet to go out and splurge on a Naked palette and had actually instead bought the MUA dupe, but she assured me that is was truly worth the money. She’s never gone back to any other palette. A month passes and my birthday rolls by, a group of my friends put their money together to get me a House of Fraser giftcard (too cute – surprised me in our hall’s canteen at 12am on my birthday with a card, present and cake), and in the card I was specifically ordered to go out and get myself a Naked palette. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Graduation Day

Last week was my older brother’s graduation day; it’s crazy to think that in two years I will (hopefully) be following in his foot steps. I’ve always kind of looked at the day I start in a full time job as the end of my life. I definitely feel grown up now, living away from home and all that good stuff, but I don’t think anything is as grown up as a full time, Monday – Friday job where you only get 25 days of holiday. D: So really I’m just going to try and truly, truly enjoy these last two years in university whilst I can.

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