Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Select Sheer Pressed Powder

A few weeks ago my mum let me know that she just was not happy with the foundation I was using, she didn’t think it matched well enough with my skin tone. I’ll be honest, I disagreed with her at first as the foundation had been so good to me for so many months, but I finally gave in when she offered to buy me a new MAC foundation and powder instead…


MAC Studio Fix Fluid – £21.50
It was pretty easy for me to throw my old every day liquid foundation to the side to make room for this new MAC fluid, and I was so excited to try it as soon as it arrived in the mail. I’ll be honest, I’m not too fond of the packaging for this foundation because it doesn’t have a pump, and this makes it a lot harder for me to control the amount that I put onto my brush when applying it. Despite this, it’s still an amazing product. First of all, it blends in so nicely. I’ve used foundations in the past that are both streaky and hard to blend, but have had no problem with this.

Another lovely thing about it is it’s staying power – it truly lasts all day, however I never wear it without finishing things off with a powder on top which always helps too. It gives wonderful coverage, and I only apply a tiny bit when I use it. I’d put it in a mid-heavy coverage category, which is another reason why you need to be controlled when pouring out an amount, as if you pour too much your face makeup will end up looking way too heavy. I definitely lean more towards a dewy-finish foundation (hence my absolute love for the Sleek liquid foundation), but have still warmed to this even though its finish is quite matte.


MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder – £20.00
I can’t say I have been completely blown away with this product, and I have still opted more to using my MAC Studio Fix powder rather than this – although it is a good product. It gives a nice finish to my skin when I have applied a liquid foundation and it blends in nicely with a brush. It is a “sheer” powder so the coverage is very light, I can’t say I’ve really seen anything too special about this when compared to other powders. It does not last too long when applied, so on days where I’m just running a few errands, I’ll pair this up with my Sleek liquid foundation. In general, I think the powder is fine, however for days/nights out, I would definitely go for something with a heavier coverage that lasts for longer.

If I were to recommend any of these products it’ll definitely be the MAC Studio Fix fluid, specifically for those with oily skin as this product is oil free. Both products and pretty pricy, but that’s to be expected with MAC. Plus, they usually last for ages anyway. 😉

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Ooh I haven’t tried the studio fix fluid, sounds very promising, but too bad there’s no pump, I also hate it when there’s no pump so we cannot control the amount of fluid that goes out.

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