The City and The Summer

It’s half nine, my body has randomly woken me up early even though my alarm was set for ten, and I’m feeling suddenly inspired to write a blog post. I really thought I’d be able to blog a lot more this Easter but I definitely underestimated the amount of work I have to do. Good thing is, it’s all over for me on June 9th, and I can go back to enjoying life.

Since I deleted my personal blog, I never really just sit and write up posts about what’s happening with my life. I think with my personal blog, when I was younger (like 15, 16), my blog posts would mainly be about school drama. You know the type of drama you experience when you’re 15 – that girl that annoyed you, or that rumour you hear about XYZ… now that I’m older, there really is a lot less drama to ‘report’ on, and any life dramas I may have I really never feel to share with the world like I once did a few years ago.

One life event I wanted to share just briefly was my Spring insight week this Easter, which if you remember I went shopping for recently. Working up in Canary Wharf was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever had the chance to do; the hours were long, and the days were tiring, but I actually loved it.

Anyhow, on to a proper bloggggg. The Summer is coming up, and it has been way too long since I last compiled a wish list. 🙂

I only own one playsuit… I know, it’s sad. I’ve bought many before but have often ended up returning them as they never seem to look as nice on me (at all) as they a did on the model. A subtly green playsuit like the one I’ve included here I think would be perfect for the Summer. Another pick includes these standard blue shorts also from River Island.

This time last year, I was terrified of crop tops, but then I discovered the wonderful world of high wasted jeans and skirts. For this reason I’d love to stock my closet up with more crop tops like this one from Topshop. A bright top can never really go wrong for the Summer too. Lastly on my wishlist I included a denim skirt from Topshop. I have actually been quite into denim skirts for a while now but have yet to take the steps to actually buying one myself. It was the same case last year with the heeled sandal type shoes, I had loved the way they looked for months, but didn’t invest any money into one until the Summer.

I think my lost sleep in catching up on me, so I shall end this blog here, nap, then get back to work. Fun, fun, fun…

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