Italy and Life

I don’t think I can remember the last time I wasn’t super busy. Even as soon as exams ended I was off to Manchester, home for father’s day, then flew away to Italy. Italy was absolutely amazing (photos below); I wasn’t too sure what to expect when as soon as we booked our tickets I was told all these grim stories about how Naples was dirty and extremely dangerous, but it truly was a great holiday. Although the streets weren’t squeaky clean (nowhere near as dirty as depicted online), the atmosphere in Italy was literally the opposite of that in the reserved town of London – you could just tell that people were pretty relaxed and easy going over there. As for the danger? I don’t think it’s any more dangerous than London – I felt totally safe.

We stayed there for 4 nights and in that time we were able to explore Naples, Pompeii, the island of Capri (so pretty) and a tinsy tiny bit of Rome when had a connecting flight on our way back to London. Last year my holiday was 100% an every-day-clubbing party holiday, which I loved and would do again, but it was also nice this year to have more of a relaxing, sight-seeing, soaking-up-a-different-culture type of holiday too. Not to mention the food was beautsss. I won’t blabber on too much but the sights we got to see (specifically Pompeii and Capri) were prettttyy cool.

As for my life, I intend to spend the next few hours or so catching up on TV shows and YouTube videos, then I shall be off to the #bgomeetup, where there will be bloggers and even more pizza. In other newsssss, I am currently interning at a commodities pricing firm (fancy, I know). I applied thinking I’d never get the role (as they were only offering out one), and was pretty surprised and pleased when I did get it. One of the reasons I was told I got the role was actually because of this website and the fact that I can code. It’s crazy how much this little hobby is able to give me a little extra push in terms of opportunities here and there. Even when I interviewed for my internship at an investment bank back in April, one of my interviewers had a girlfriend that was in to webdesign, so we managed to have a very casual chat about it and I believe that’s also one of the reasons I got the offer.

Anyhowwww. Enough blabbering. Enjoy the photos 😉

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The photos are very pretty, especially the last one!

Congrats on getting that internship! Blogs / websites do help a lot in impressing people! 😛


June 27, 2014 at 07:52 Bhairavee

Gorgeous photos and that food looks so yum! Makes me want to cheat from my diet!

xo, N


July 1, 2014 at 22:14 Your Name

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