Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Scrub

Helloooo. It’s been a second, but I’m happy to sit down a blog again. What’s new with me? this week I am finally getting my braces off – I have been waiting for this day for SO long. I’ve also changed my hair. I decided on a whim that I wanted to brighten it, but afraid that if I dyed it I’ll mess it up, I tried to do it naturally with honey and lemon. That process was taking way to long, so I thought yolo, drove down to Boots one afternoon, bought some Bblonde bleach and got to work. I wanted to bleach it all a lighter brown colour (not too light), but it actually ended up looking more like highlights haha. I am very happy with the results, but I know now that dyeing is not really my forte. I’m also ‘bedbound’, I slipped and twisted my ankle REALLY badly last night, I was genuinely worried I’d have to use crutches but luckily it’s only a sprain. Regardless I am now stuck in bed, with my mum checking up on me every now and again (my own personal nurse, love her), spraying an anti-inflammatory on my ankle every two hours and hoping it’s better by tomorrow when I’m back at work!

Anyhow, enough blabbering. Today I wanted to review the Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Scrub. I’ve been contemplating over whether or not I wanted to do this review for a while, just because I was unsure if anyone really cared to hear a review on a body scrub, but as you can see I decided to go ahead and do it.

Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Scrub – £8.00

Getting to the point – this is definitely one of the better body scrubs I’ve used. I’ve used body scrubs in the past that are not soft enough or are drying, but this scrub is serving me so well. It honsetly feels when I used this scrub as if I am pampering myself, and that is something I always love. The scrub is unbelievably soft and easy to rub in, and it is truly moisturising. Along with other Ted Baker bathroom products, this product smells amazing. In terms of consistency, it’s very thick, again different to a lot of scrubs I’ve tried in the past.

There are a few minor downsides to this product – one is that it’s very hard to wash out of your skin. I tend to spend quite a while trying to get it all washed off once it’s applied, and I think one thing that would fix this problem is just to ensure that you do not apply too much at one time; as I always say – a little of this product will go a long way. Another is that it can be quite hard to apply, I’ve found in the past that clumps I’ve been trying to apply have ended up falling and getting washed down the drain. As mentioned above though, once you do get those clumps positioned well, it rubs into your skin very easily and evenly.

If you’re looking for a scrub, definitely give this ago. I generally use a body srcub about once or twice a week, usually whenever I’m in the mood to relax and pamper myself just a little bit.

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I love this scrub! It smells gorgeous, but I agree that it is really hard to wash off!


September 11, 2014 at 05:42 Katie

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