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It’s currently 2 am on a Saturday and I have had such a long, long day. I’m up late as my sleeping pattern has yet to correct itself from university, and my day has consisted of early morning Christmas shopping, present wrapping, and filtering through as many pages of Econ work as I could before my brain died. I can’t tell you how good it feels to ‘wind down’ and write up a blog post. This post is going to be something a little bit different for me as it’s going to be a hair tutorial post – focussing on two of my favourite (festive) voluminous hairstyles, in collaboration with John Frieda!

I have really never been much of a hair girl and I’m usually fairly hopeless when it comes to styling my hair, however these two hairstyles below are really simple, easy to follow and haven’t ever let me down.

1. The Classic Fishtail Braid

The amazing thing about the fishtail braid is that it looks as though it’d be fairly complicated, but it’s probably the simplest kind of plait you can do. As shown in the picture, I start off my separating my hair into two sections; to do the fishtail braid you split one section in half, and move it to the section which you did not split, I’ve shown this in picture two. You continue to do this, moving from section to section, and eventually you should start to see the braid come together. You will also notice the halves becoming smaller and smaller as you complete more of the braid. I’ve tied my hair up with a ribbon in this post, just to add a festive touch.


2. Half-up Do

Again, another incredibly easy hairstyle, this time a swept back hairstyle. I start out by taking a small section from the front of my hair (shown in photo one), and doing a basic plait of this piece. I pin this to the back of my hair using bobby pins. I then do the exact same thing, however this time the piece is taken and plaited from the opposite side of the front of my hair. Similarly, I bobby pin this piece to the back of my head. And that is literally it – very, very simple. To make it a bit more festive you can also tie a ribbon to the pieces, which I’ve done in the final picture, and actually still have in now as I write this post.

I definitely enjoyed writing this up and stepping out of the blogging comfort zone. If I don’t post again before then – I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

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I have never been able to do a fishtail braid, and I really want to! I’ve got to give it a try now, your tutorial makes it sound so easy. The half updo looks so nice on you! The little ribbon is lovely too, very festive!


December 23, 2014 at 00:35 Uglyfish

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