Do I Share Too Much Online?

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I was asked recently why I share so much of my life online. I was also asked why I put my relationship online – after all, what happens if we were to break up? Isn’t that a bit embarrassing? Wouldn’t I have to delete all my photos? As I typically do, I went into over thinking mode – was I really sharing too much? Is it really all necessary? But, one of my new year’s resolutions is to try my hand at being logical for once; so instead of going crazy and shutting down, I just had a bit of a think. Obviously, and as you do when you’re asked why do you share so much online, I decided to share why I share so much online, online.

If you’ve ever wandered, now you know…

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Dealing with “Gymtimidation”

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I kind like this definition from Urban Dictionary as it is the most accurate description for me:

noun. When someone is intimidated to go to the gym (or use gym equipment) because the muscleheads are constantly using the weight machines/free weights.

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