Recently, my boyfriend has taken a huge liking to my blog. He’s always asking how it’s going, and when he can get involved (I may have possibly found myself a photographer?) The other day, we decided to really see where we can go with this. Anything can be great if you put the effort in, so let’s see where we can take this blog. I’ve switched up the design, and you can expect higher quality posts from now on! That may mean less frequent posts, but quality over quantity for sure.

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M&Co High Summer Press Day

It has been a whileee. I’m back at uni now for my second term, and they really haven’t shown us any mercy. Instead of easing us in, they’ve slapped thick lecture booklets in our face, given us pages and pages of readings to do and have already asked for graded problem sets. I’m feeling a bit more organised in terms of this term now, so should be able to go back to more frequent posts. Taking all of this into account, a manicure at the M&Co press day this week (before I headed back to the library), was a pretty perfect way to de-stress.

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