On Tuesday I realised that I have never featured a shorts outfit on this blog. Shocking shiz, I know. But here’s why, the weather in England, even when it’s hot, is usually still cool enough for jeans. When I went on holiday last month there was no other choice but to wear shorts or skirts unless you wanted to fry, but in England I can usually get away with it. Howwweeeeverrr, I went to go and chill (and eat) with a few friends in the park a few days ago, the weather was hot, so I thought it’d be appropriate to whack out some shorts.

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As you do when a results day goes well – we went out to celebrate. I went with some friends to a club up in central London on Saturday and the night was literally so funny I woke up in the morning laughing. I was running late before I left my house but still tried to squeeze in some OOTN photos, not in my usual ‘location’ due to my lateness, but I still managed to get a few decent pictures.

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