“No Regrets”? 4 Things I Wish I Never Did

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“No regrets”? – This is a saying I use often and one I generally live by. I say no regrets because even bad experiences are learning experiences, and in that case, how can you regret something that has made you into a better person? But at the same time I’m also human, and there are things I occasionally look back on that do make me squirm, a few things that I definitely would erase/change if I had the power to, perhaps hoping for other and less painful methods to learn these various lessons…

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Getting Ready for 2018: Your Wardrobe & Your Mindset

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We all say this every year but – hasn’t this year flown by?! It feels like just yesterday I was prepping for 2017 and now 2018 is right around the corner. The weirdest thing for me is that for the first time this year my life is pretty similar to the way I entered 2017, albeit with a few new projects taken on. Usually a new year starts with a new university, school or sixth form year, moving into a brand new flat, leaving behind some potentially huge dramas – but this year I’m starting the year with the same flat, same job/role and same people in my life. It’s been a good year and of course I will evaluate it more when we actually are entering 2018, but for now, here are some ways to get prepped for the 2018…

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