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A quick outfit post today featuring a look almost identical to one I’ve posted here before…

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5 Common Stages of a Young Relationship | Plus: Sign Up for the Skylish Monthly Newsletter!

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This week has been a particularly tiring one. For one, following my trip to Budapest and a number of bank holidays, I’d become very accustomed to 3 and 4 days weeks – making this my first 5 day week in a while which somehow feels 10x longer than a 4 day one. Also, not that I’ve been working ridiculously late nights this week (well, nothing later than the usual), but early mornings and consistently busy days has taken it out of me. So instead – I decided to keep it light with some easy reading today. A number of my friends, people I know and even some family members have been getting into new relationships recently – and it prompted me to write up a post that’s been sitting in my head for a while now. But first – keep reading until the end of the post to be the first to sign up to the new Skylish Monthly. So, I’ve had my ‘newsletter’ for a while (and thank you to all those that have signed up), but… I never send anything out. I’ve decided to get serious with a monthly newsletter that will be useful for bloggers/career women/students allll over the world. Skip to the end of the post if you want to know exactly what would be in it for you (and if you want to sign up, too!)

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