Growing up Without Confidence – My Story

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I was reading an old diary I used to keep today, and I wrote something down about how proud I was that I had waved to someone I hadn’t seen in a while. I was proud because I previously had been too shy to do something like that before. Sounds a bit crazy right? In a nutshell – I grew up terribly shy. And just as I was approaching my teens… my confidence deteriorated also. Now, this is going to be a personal one, and a long one… so grab a cup of tea.

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Barcelona Travel Diary | An Itinerary

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I tend to sporadically do a lot of weekend/short breaks here and there – for e.g. this year I’ve spent a few days skiing in France, some time exploring Budapest, and a weekend in Amsterdam. But when it comes to picking hot summer destinations I become a lot more indecisive – there just seems to be way more options! My boyfriend and I originally settled on a trip to Santorini, then started bouncing between Santorini and Mykonos, but somehow landed on Barcelona. Barcelona was the plan for a while – but one day I had a dream about Venice. Right – so now we were going to Venice. We got very, very close to booking Venice, we even had flights picked out, but somehow my mind wandered back to Barcelona. After all – I’ve been to Italy twice, but never Spain. I’m British – therefore Spain is the most basic b*tch holiday – so I absolutely had to wipe that off my to-do list. Barcelona it was.

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