2016 Lifestyle Favourites

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For a lot of us bloggers – we share and we’re fairly open with our lives. When I write general lifestyle posts, if I’m not giving some kind of advice, it’s likely that I’m giving you guys life updates – letting you know what I’m doing, and who I’m doing it with. I’ve rounded up my 2016 style favourites, advice favourites and lifestyle favourites – and today, I’m rounding up my lifestyle favourites…

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2016 Advice Favourites

This year, I defined a purpose for my blog. Basically – I want to advise/empower/encourage/motivate/inspire women, in particular young women (similar to my age, or younger, as of course those are the experiences I can relate to more). Why? Because I feel like that type of content is something I truly appreciate and favour now, and also could have done with more of growing up. Once you define your own mission, things start to fall into place more easily, and this year, I started going in with advice posts. I started with my ‘midweek motivation’ series, but after a while decided to do more general advice, rather than just focusing on self-development, as that’s what I find more easy to talk about. I post twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), and more often than not, one of those posts I’ll be giving some kind of advice, or sharing some kind of experience I’ve had. Below I’ve listed advice posts that I most enjoyed writing this year, and also that were popular on the blog…

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