2018 in Words and 2019 Resolutions

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Happy New Year, everyone! Damn, 2018, what a year it was – honestly, it was a great year, which is relieving because 2017 was just too meh for my liking. I am definitely proud of the year just passed and feel blessed, lucky and privileged for sure. I am so very grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life and of course I am super thankful for all those that have read my blog and left love over the course of the year. I’m glad I made the step to start posting only what I see as value-add blogs with substance and blogs that can help and inspire others as the amount of love I’ve received this year from those that have read and those that have been able to take something away from my posts – both online and offline – has really been overwhelming!

Anyways – with all the fluffy stuff out of the way – follow the jump to read about my year in depth and what goals I’ve set myself for 2019…

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2018 Rewind: Looking Back on my Resolutions

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Do you set resolutions? Have you even looked back on them over the course of 2018?

I am a religious goal setter – every year without fail I sit and plan out exactly what major steps I want to take to grow and develop in the new year. These are goals I put a lot of thought into. Since last year I’ve started to truly hold myself accountable on these goals, and evaluate them and how I did at the end of each year right here on this blog. Follow the jump to see just how I got on with my 2018 goals…

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