A Letter to my Teenage Self

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Dear Kemi,

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Things We Need to Stop Doing – London Edition

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There are certain skills you pick up as a Londoner and one is absolute and complete efficiency (and sometimes fearlessness) when it comes to your out-and-about-in-public day. Knowing what the best moments are to cross the road such that you don’t have to necessarily stand and wait for the green man (although I’m not usually this fearless and I’m definitely not encouraging this); having your oyster/card/apple pay ready such that you can so seamlessly slip through the gates without causing any commotion or queuing behind you); finding your way effortlessly around London, wherever it is in London (except for Bank); feeling the absolute need to get everywhere as quickly as possible wherever you’re going (what’s a “peaceful walk”?)… and doing so with a number of sighs, eyerolls, and general impatience. I wanted to start a little (jokey – pls, it’s never that deep) series where I talk about things that I just feel deep down inside we need to stop doing. Be it in the gym, at work, at school or even out and about in our daily lives. Today, I take on what we need to stop doing in London…

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