Losing Your Independence in a Long Term Relationship

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I’ve always been a pretty independent person. More so than that – I’ve always been really good at enjoying my own company. This sounds simple – but I’ve realised over time that it isn’t the case for everyone. Whilst I can keep myself fully entertained on a laptop in a comfy room that has wifi, I’ve known people that simply to do not how to survive if they’re alone…

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What Really Matters?

Once upon a time, I’d pretty much only get properly ill around once every two years. I’d always secretly think that the bunch of kids taking sick days crying ‘flu’ were actually just over-exaggerating. But all of a sudden – this year – I’ve had two of the worst flus I’ve ever had in my life. So whilst I wanted to stick to my Saturday/Wednesday schedule this week – my body definitely did not allow for it…

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