Blogging: How Do You Stay Motivated?

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Blogging. I feel like it’s something you will only really truly understand if it’s a world you’re part of. It takes up a lot of time, takes some money, and there’s no right way to go about it. There’s no one telling you what to do, there’s no homework, no projects… it’s yours, you have your name on it and everyone runs along their own path. Depending on who I’m chatting to – some people know me primarily as a girl that works in Finance, and others know me as the girl that blogs; for the former, Skylish is really only “that blogging thing” I do, and what really defines me in their eyes is what I can do in the office. But the realities are, that blogging isn’t easy, let alone juggling it with an intense job. You find yourself concerned about things that otherwise would never matter – like Instagram’s algorithm – because it all rolls into the overall ball of “your brand” and it all has a impact on your blog. It’s so easy sometimes to lose motivation and feel like what you’re doing is a waste of time, and I had one of these moments this week – a “what’s the point?” moment. However I’m usually able to pick myself up and kick some motivation back into myself in a few simple ways…

Nov 12 2017 at 8:33 pm   ·   Advice, Chatty


5 Big Ways I Changed My Blog in 2017

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I go through ups and downs with my blog. There are periods where I’m totally happy with it, very consistent, and feel completely in control; and there are periods where I feel totally demotivated, very deflated and question what I’m even doing out here on the web. One thing I am always doing, however, is working on new things to do on this little blog and stewing up ideas and things I can change. Over 2017 I’ve made 5 major changes…

Nov 8 2017 at 11:02 pm   ·   Chatty, Lifestyle