5 Big Ways I Changed My Blog in 2017

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I go through ups and downs with my blog. There are periods where I’m totally happy with it, very consistent, and feel completely in control; and there are periods where I feel totally demotivated, very deflated and question what I’m even doing out here on the web. One thing I am always doing, however, is working on new things to do on this little blog and stewing up ideas and things I can change. Over 2017 I’ve made 5 major changes…

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“No Regrets”? 4 Things I Wish I Never Did

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“No regrets”? – This is a saying I use often and one I generally live by. I say no regrets because even bad experiences are learning experiences, and in that case, how can you regret something that has made you into a better person? But at the same time I’m also human, and there are things I occasionally look back on that do make me squirm, a few things that I definitely would erase/change if I had the power to, perhaps hoping for other and less painful methods to learn these various lessons…

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